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Use the You Power™ business directory to promote your manufactured products and goods in the United States.

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List telecommuting job openings for United States workers.

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Find candidates in the United States by marketing industrial or commercial job openings for your company.

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Create job postings for customer service and administrative jobs at your United States business.

The You Power™ Network

United States Based Business Services is the Hub for All You Power™ Services

"UNITED STATES ONLY" Business Network, Directory, and Job Listings.

With YOU POWER™, United States Businesses can connect with other United States Businesses.

Consumers can find products, parts, and services made and fulfilled in the USA.

American workers can find jobs with real American companies.

We believe in privacy and will not share your data.

YOU POWER™ developed by Americans for Americans is a U.S. Based Business Directory

The You Power™ Business Directory is unlike anything currently available. Our goal is to promote Services, Products, and Parts Made in the United States. We can grow American Businesses by promoting both Business to Business and Business to Consumer relations. If you have a U.S business with at least 60% U.S. Parts and Labor, we invite you to join our brand new and unique directory today. Reward United States Businesses for what they do for our Great Country. Brings Americans Back Together™

We are not Left or Right, Democrat or Republican. We are for All Americans who have Businesses in the United States working to help each other repair and grow our Country in unity and purpose to build each other up.

The You Power™ United States Business Network is here to support this unity in:

  • Helping American Businesses find other American Businesses to work with.
  • Helping Americans find Businesses with American Made products and services.
  • Helping American Businesses find American Employees.

Bring Us All Together™ to help American Businesses grow.™ Provides Remote Job Listings for U.S. Based Employers

Many U.S. Businesses have taken a huge hit due to COVID-19 causing many to close or limit their production. Business owners who were once successful, as well as their employees, are now lost, fearful, and without an income.™ is a source for existing United States Businesses looking to increase their productivity by hiring United States workers to work remotely. Together we can help businesses grow while assisting Americans with the ability to get back to work. You Power™ United States Business... Provides U.S. Companies Employees and Equipment

United States Businesses post jobs and apprenticeships for Office Workers and Management Positions. Find Office Products that are Made in the USA. Skip buying overseas and improve the United States GDP. Update Office™ is here to help You Power™ United States Businesses... Provides Industrial and Commercial Services for U.S. Companies

U.S. Industrial Companies Job Postings and U.S. Business Directory. You Power™ the United States.

Join the You Power™ United States Business Network directory and list your industrial jobs for FREE. We will not share or sell your data.

More than ever, our country needs a real source for American workers to find jobs with American companies.

Over 10 million Americans are currently unemployed, yet they are ready, willing, and able to work. Find United States workers or list training opportunities in the USA on Industrial Bench™.

Job postings are only open to U.S. Businesses looking to hire U.S. workers. is Your Resource for Creating Ideas on Near Free Energy™

Accessing™ is part of the You Power™ Private Business Network of sites.

You Power™ Business Network members can discuss “Near Free Energy Solutions” for their Businesses and Development of these solutions in the United States.

Why “Near Free Energy”? Because there is no such thing as “Free Energy” as there is a Cost to the Device or Medium that “Accesses the Energy”, and to the Component that it Powers.

You Power™ the United States with Technological Advancements… - Products Made in the USA

Shopping Checkout™ allows United States Businesses in the You Power™ Network to sell products made in the USA without per item purchasing fees.

List your products and have the customer visit your business's website for the entire Shopping Checkout™ process.

Shopping Checkout™ does not capture or track your customers purchasing information. Keeping both your Business's selling information and your Customer's buying habits private and away from cross-marketing promotions, which also takes Business Customers away.

You Power™ your sales and your customer's privacy... - Your Source for Secure Internet Connections

Connected Secure™ is your source for Secure Internet Connections for United States Business within the United States.

YouPower™ is developing a secure VPN Virtual Private Network service only for United States Businesses. is Your Source for Secure Business Web Hosting in the United States

YouPower™ is developing web hosting services for United States Business that do not perform business outside of the United States.

This will help lower unwanted traffic from foreign bots, foreign form spammers, and International scams. - A Collaborative Project Where the True History of Earth’s is Revealed

This is a collaborative project where the true history of Earth’s is revealed.

We disclose the information that is hidden from us.

All facts presented are backed by proven documentation.

Earth’s Past™ is here to open your eyes to the truth on Earth’s past. - Working to Provide a Secure United States Only Cellular Network

We are working to provide a secure United States only cellular network for United States citizens.

Find US cell phones and part suppliers.

Utilize Secure VOIP communications for your business.

You Power™ your cell phone and your business with Cell Phones One™.